Terms and Conditions

Corgif-card.com – a website for electronic sales, owned by„Corgif“, EIK 201541135, with address: #102A Nikola Gabrovski Blvd. Sofia, Bulgaria, telephone: + 359 2 4181397 and e-mail: corgif@corgif.com

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website! If you use it, it is considered that you accept and agree with the terms and conditions.


The following terms and conditions determine the relationship between "Corgif” (subsequently also referred to as Corgif-card.com), a company registered according to the Trade laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, with address: #102A Nikola Gabrovski Blvd, Sofia, EIK: 201541135, VAT number BG 201541135,and the users of the electronic (Internet) pages and services (Users/Clients) found at the domain Corgif-card.com and its subdomains (referred to as Website), as well as those who use the information and commercial services offered by"Corgif" (Services in short). These terms and conditions are binding for all users. By clicking on any object, link or button found on the webpages of Corgif-card.com (with the exception of the link to these terms and conditions) the user agrees, wholly accepts and becomes obligated to uphold the terms and conditions.

I.Terms and conditions for using the Website

  1. The user accepts the fact that the information services and the Website are presented in the “form in which they are” and that Corgif-card.com does not take responsibility for the topicality or inability of information to be presented concerning completed orders of the User, his or others’ opinions and ratings of products, information about unavailable products, as well as any damages caused, benefits missed and other damages which occurred after, as the result of or because of the usage (or lack of access because of technical problems, maintenance, or administrative decision etc.) of the Website. In the event that the usage of this Website or materials found on it leads to the occurrence of damages which result in necessary repair or restoration of equipment or information the User assumes full responsibility and all expenses related to the removal of said damages.
  2. The User understands and accepts that it is possible for the information presented on the Website to contain technical errors and differences in color visualization due to various computer configurations as well as changes in the design of products.
  3. The User accepts that Corgif-card.com only provides the information on the Website and is not in any way responsible for any kind of technical issues hampering the use of the Website that are the result of internet connection disturbance and/or User computer malfunction.

II. Obligations of the User upon registration.

  1. When using the Website, the User is required to provide true, accurate, current and full information about himself, subsequently also referred to as Personal Info, when filling out the ordering form. In the event that the User provides false, inaccurate, obsolete or incomplete information, Corgif-card.com has the right to remove/delete the information and ban the User from further use of some or all of the services it offers.

III. Privacy Policy and Confidentiality

  1. „Corgif“ operates, stores and uses the personal data of Clients in accordance with the Law for personal data protection.
  2. The User has the right to access his own personal information, which he has submitted or has become known to Corgif-card.com through his use of the Website, as well as to edit and update it.
  3. By accepting these terms and conditions the Users who have filled out the ordering form agree for their information to be processed electronically by Corgif-card.com for delivery of ordered products and services as well as, if necessary, for a Corgif employee contacting them.
  4. All voluntarily submitted personal details and other information which identifies Users through usage of the Website are stored, processed and used by Corgif-card.com with the goal of maintaining certain functionalities, offering services and advertising new products and services offered by “Corgif”.
  5. "Corgif" explicitly declares that all personal information submitted by the User will not be provided to third parties for promotional or advertising goals.
  6. Corgif.com retains the right to use the IP addresses and other details of Users for disclosing their identities in the event that this is required by the authorities in accordance with active legislation or in the event that it is necessary in order to uphold these terms and conditions.

IV. Trademark rights.

  1. Corgif-card.com gives Users the right to use all Services offered on the Website only for personal needs and not for resale and only under the condition that the trademark rights of Corgif-card.com and/or third parties are not violated. Materials and information that appear on this site cannot be altered in any way, or be copied, publicly distributed or handed out for any sort of public or commercial goal. The use of materials and information published in this Website in other sites is forbidden.
  2. Corgif-card.com has the right to assign rights for publication of materials and any of the information on the Website to third parties in the presence of an additional contract defining the rights and obligations of Corgif-card.com and the said third party.
  3. For products which are an object of trademarked rights and/or patents, Corgif-card.com does not provide any additional rights of use or reproduction except the ones already explicitly provided by the author or distributor of the products.
  4. Products and services protected under the Law of Trademark Rights are offered in their original state and packaging without any additional changes by Corgif-card.com and according to the licenses and rights for distribution given by the authors and/or their distributors in Bulgaria.

V. Products and Services offered on the Website.

  1. Product and service information on the Website is classified by type of product and service and it is possible for it to be grouped by different categories. All the information is presented in Bulgarian and/or English or French.
  2. Every product offered on the Website includes a specific price, general characteristics and additional information aimed to allow Users to make a more informed choice when purchasing.
  3. Corgif-card.com is not responsible for inaccuracies or omissions in the description of products which do not relate to its base characteristics and/or are due to information provided by the author/distributor. The Website does not aim for extensiveness in item descriptions.
  4. Corgif-card.com retains the right to publish names, models and other information about products in English, while mandatorily duplicating in Bulgarian, as far as the specifics and terminology of the two languages allow for accurate translation. All products which are in English are offered in their original state.
  5. The prices of all products on the Website are in BGN, VAT included, or the equivalent in EUR and USD.
  6. “Corgif” has the right to, at any time and without any warning, make changes in published products, services and prices. Some of the published products can be outdated, as Corgif-card.com does not take responsibility to update them. It is possible for part of the information published on the Website to be related to products, services or programs which are not offered and are unavailable at the moment.
  7. Links to third party websites on the Website are shown only to enhance User ease and/or with an advertising goal. When using such links, Users do not use a service offered by Corgif-card.com and the current terms and conditions do not apply. Corgif-card.com does not take any responsibility for usage and content of third party sites which are linked to on the Website. Corgif-card.com does not in any way recommend these websites or their content to Users. Usage of these websites and all the risks associated with it are the sole responsibility of the User.

VI. Purchasing a product and/or service offered at Corgif-card.com.

  1. The user orders products and services offered at Corgif-card.com by selecting items, their quantity, the type and date of delivery according to the options presented on the Website by clicking on the relevant buttons.
  2. The User has the right to change his selection of products and services and their quantity at any time before completing an order.
  3. When completing an order on the Website, the User enters into a contract with “Corgif that is covered by the terms and conditions concerning the specific purchase. The order is considered to be made (and the contract signed) when an order is confirmed according to the instructions on the Website.
  4. Corgif-card.com has the right to change prices at its own discretion and at any time without previously notifying Users. The User must pay the price that was shown on the Website at the time of the order regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the current one. In the event of technical errors occurring, Corgif-card.com has the right to refuse an order and does not owe the Client any compensation other than restoring any sums already paid or deposited.

VII. Delivery of purchased goods.

  1. The delivery time to the address given by the User is between 24 hours and 4 work days after the date of confirmation of the order for territory within the Republic of Bulgaria and between 4 and 10 work days for delivery outside Bulgarian borders. These delivery times do not include non-workdays/holidays. Delays are possible, about which the Client will be notified.
  2. Delivery of purchased products is done by the method chosen by the User (courier, postal service or pickup at the offices of “Corgif”) and within the given delivery times. Corgif-card.com retains the right to prolong delivery times by up to 7 days without previously informing the User and by more than 7 days after notifying the User.
  3. In the “instructions” window, the User has the opportunity to mention an appropriate day for delivery and/or other details which “Corgif” will take into account whenever possible.
  4. “Corgif” can request additional confirmation by telephone, fax or e-mail. In the event that the above requested information is not provided the order is automatically cancelled with and without additional notification.
  5. In the event that the User provides, in written form, a specific address, date and hour of delivery, the order becomes binding. If the given address and contact details are wrong or missing, “Corgif” is not in any way responsible for completing the order.
  6. Delivery is made at the front door of the Client, which is: the door of the apartment or office for functioning home or office buildings; the entrance of the building when it is under construction and the entrance to the yard in houses with yard areas.
  7. “Corgif” is not responsible for delays when they are due to couriers or circumstances outside the control of “Corgif”.
  8. When delivered, products are to be examined carefully by the Client or an authorized third party. In the event of products being damaged during the process of delivery a “Corgif” employee should be notified immediately by tel: +359 2 4181397 or 0892 210752.
  9. After the delivered item is accepted by the Client without complaint, all claims concerning lost or damaged goods lose validity. If a protocol for damages is not completed in the presence of the courier when delivery is made the possibility of refunds is lost.
  10. When receiving products the Client or third party must sign the accompanying documents. A third party is anyone who is not the Client as seen on the order but who accepts the delivery and is found at the address given by the Client.
  11. In the event that the Client is not found at the given address or the address is inaccessible during the delivery time frame, “Corgif” is released from the obligation to deliver the ordered product. Repeated delivery in this case is at the expense of the Client and is done after explicit indication in this regard.
  12. If the delivered product clearly does not match the one ordered and this can be determined through ordinary examination, the Client can request for the delivered product to be exchanged with the ordered one within 24 hours of receiving it.
  13. The Client has the right to refuse the ordered products within a term of 7 work days after receiving them, but only in the event that they are in the state they were received in, with undisturbed packaging and all accompanying documentation (invoice and certificate of uniqueness), according to the conditions under article 55 of the Law for defense of Users.
  14. Corgif-card.com retains the right to change the subcontractor performing the delivery without previously notifying the User as long as this does not alter the method of delivery.

VIII.Payment for purchased products and services.

  1. When paying for products and services in cash (cash on delivery) the User is required to pay the full amount to Corgif-card.com or its representative at the moment of delivery. In the event that the User decides to return all or part of the already purchased goods within the 7 day period Corgif-card.com is required to refund all or part of the sum paid.
  2. When paying by bank transfer, the User deposits an amount equal to the price of the order made to the bank account of “Corgif” given in the invoice generated in the ordering process and the ordered products and services are delivered only when that deposit is confirmed. In the event that the User decides to return all or part of the already purchased goods within the 7 day period Corgif-card.com is required to refund all or part of the sum paid.
  3. When paying by credit or debit card, the User deposits a sum equal to the price of the order made through the card payment interface and the order is delivered only when the transaction is confirmed. In the event that the User decides to return all or part of the already purchased goods within the 7 day period Corgif-card.com is required to refund all or part of the sum paid.

IX. Returning purchased goods

  1. The User has the right to return one or more of any purchased goods within a 7 day period (work days) after receiving them. If the User chooses to return a product he must provide it in the form in which it was received with packaging intact (delivery packaging can be opened) and full accompanying documentation.
  2. The right to return products cannot be exercised in the event that the products were previously labeled or engraved according to the wishes of the User or altered in any way from the form in which they were initially presented on the Website. If, regardless of the reason, the product is altered it is not returnable unless there is a defect or it becomes damaged as a result of transportation.

X. Miscellaneous

  1. Corgif-card.com has the right to alter the technology and design of the Website and offered Services without notification.
  2. Corgif-card.com retains the right to send messages to Users related to new products/services, sales and changes in the terms and conditions and usage of current services.
  3. “Corgif” manages this Website from its office in Sofia, Bulgaria. Corgif-card.com does not declare that the materials or services offered in this Website are appropriate and/or accessible outside Bulgaria and therefore access to them from territories where their content is illegal is forbidden.
  4. Consultations are provided during work hours between 09:00 and 17:30, Monday to Friday, by telephone + 359 2 4181297 or 0892 210752 and email: corgif@corgif.com
  5. These terms and conditions can be changed at any time by “Corgif”, which is required to notify Users of said changes by publishing, on the Website, a notification that they have been made as well as the changes themselves. The User is considered bound by these changes from the moment of their publication unless he declares he does not accept them. In the event that the User declares he does not accept the changes Corgif-card.com has the right to immediately halt and terminate the provision of Services to the User, as the already existing obligations at that moment are subject to execution.
  6. When using the services of Corgif-card.com the User is required to comply with these terms and conditions as well as all the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and any relevant international ones, even if they are no